FMI: Feeney Manufacturing, Inc.

Our Facilities

Our spray washer system uses stainless steel tanks. It has automated chemical monitoring stations and a reverse osmosis water system with 93% recapture capability. We have heated stage cleaning tanks and a non-chrome pre-treat for our aluminum specific customers, along with 2 stage filtered air-knife blow off stations.

We have two monitored ovens on site: a dry off oven and a cure oven.

Our facility is equipped with a Nordson Prodigy quick color change system, a Nordson Lean Cell powder booths with variable speed motor controls, and filtered breathable air for operator comfort and safety. We can change colors in 2 minutes!

We have a state-of-the-art conveyor system, complete with automated touch screen controls, 460 feet of chain, and variable speed controls. We can handle parts up to 30" wide, 72" high, 264" long.

Our system control panel has touch screen controls and out of parameter alarm systems.

Quality Control

  • 100' x 3' non-marring roller tables for part cool off and inspection
  • 100' x 8' overhead trolley for small part rack cool off and inspection
  • Quality inspection equipment (mill gauges, adhesion test equipment, etc.)
  • In house lab for water quality and chemical conformance testing
  • Environmentally controlled manufacturing plant
  • 2604 AMMA and 2605 AMMA certified powder applicator